4 Things You Should Always Do Before Making Love

4 Things You Should Always Do Before Making Love

As well as being intimate, physical intimacy with the proper partner can be pleasurable. Some things, though, should never be taken for granted, no matter how many times you've slept with your spouse. Persistent cleanliness is among them. You should always perform the following things before making love to your lover.

1. Take care of your intimate bits.

This is a topic that deserves more attention. The moment can easily pass without a second thought, but imagine going down on someone with less-than-squeaky-clean genitals. Isn't that a bit disconcerting? Then, before you get into all that action, take a shower or clean your parts.

2. Preserve your safety.

Intimacy will be lot easier when your condoms are easily accessible, unless you're attempting to conceive and don't want to protect yourself from pregnancy. It's a tremendous bummer to get into the party mood only to realize that you've misplaced or forgotten your contraceptives.

3. Do justice to your breath.

Nobody finds the scent of their meal in their partner's mouth appealing no matter how long they've been dating or how comfortable they are with each other. Seriously. Simply brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth in the restroom can prevent a potentially awkward scenario for you and your partner.

4. Wear Easy-to-remove clothing.

Having trouble removing those suffocating jeans? All of the anticipation you'd built up during all of the prelude has vanished. While intimacy is sometimes a momentary act that you can't really plan for, if you do know you'll be doing something intimate, make it easier for both you and your spouse by wearing clothing that's easy to remove. It'll simply help everything go more smoothly.

Can you think of any more things couples should do before getting down with each other on the bed? By leaving a comment, you can join in the discussion. 

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