Russia-Finland border crossings double, says regional mayor

Russia-Finland border crossings double, says regional mayor

Finland has also seen more traffic on the Russian border, in the days since President Putin announced Russian reservists were being called up to fight in Ukraine.

The number of crossings to the EU country has doubled since last week, according to Satu Sikanen, the regional mayor for south Karelia in Finland.

She told BBC News that the situation there is "stable and peaceful", adding that every person crossing from Russia is "checked comprehensively" to mitigate any security threat.

People fleeing across the border are required to produce visas, and yesterday, Finland’s president and the ministerial committee proposed restrictions on issuing visas to Russian citizens and entry to the country, she said.

Niskanen said the country plans to enforce these "significant restrictions", rather than close the border,

"This is a serious situation of course for our region, but I want to underline we have strong border guards, we have strong defense forces and Finland is joining Nato so we are safe," she said.

SOURCE: https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-63002591

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