Meet Victoria, the robot who was created to give birth like a real woman

Meet Victoria, the robot who was created to give birth like a real woman

Life is the most precious asset we have. This is why many health practitioners are doing everything possible to improve and become the best in their field. 

This will enable them to reduce mortality rates. Despite the high level of training and successful child delivery, there are a few circumstances which make it life-threatening for the mother and her baby as well.

Because these cases are minimal, it doesn’t give most health officials the opportunity to witness and train about it ahead of further complications. Because of this, scientists invested in a robot, Gaumard’s Noelle S2200, a state-of-the-art birthing simulator named "Victoria".

Victoria was first used by Shawnee Community College, 

which purchased it to provide hands-on obstetrics training to their nursing students. According to Dollins, who worked in the health institution, their faculty members were earlier asked to give a wish list of items they wanted for the nursing department.

That was when they decided to aim for the moon by requesting the robot. Fortunately, it was provided for them. It cost a whooping $90,000

Ever since the purchase of Victoria, a lot of people have been curious to know why the robot is desperately needed despite the high cost. However, according to reports, Victoria has the capability to simulate low- and high-risk deliveries, including complications such as postpartum hemorrhaging or shoulder dystocia. 

Instead of the lecturers simply standing in front of the class and lecturing on child delivery complications, students will be able to learn about the signs and symptoms to look out for, how to identify them in Victoria, and how to treat them

Other amazing characteristics of this robot are that her eyes move, allowing the health practitioners to conduct pupillary assessments. She also communicates especially by providing her medical history, announcing another contraction, and it bleeds like humans.

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