How can I find freelance development jobs?

How can I find freelance development jobs?

How can I find freelance development jobs?

For context, I’ve been a developer for 16 years — 9 of those as a freelancer working on and off through Toptal. But before joining Toptal’s talent network, freelancing never seemed like a viable career option. Working in a highly corporate environment, in a set location with set hours, I used to long for the freedom to work whenever and wherever I wanted. But I was constantly concerned about risking my professional development and long-term stability. The freelancing websites I was familiar with offered mostly small or short-term projects that didn’t pay well. Then I found Toptal. It had a completely different approach to freelancing.

Toptal makes it their #1 priority to ensure quality across both the developers accepted into the community and the projects offered to us. Toptal matches me with projects that continuously challenge me and help improve and sharpen my skills as a developer. I have the opportunity to work with exceptional clients on high-quality projects that are at the forefront of technology — all while enjoying the freedom to pursue my passions and travel the world. Joining Toptal wasn’t just a transition in the way I worked, it was a lifestyle turning point.

If I were you, I would check out Toptal — they’re always looking for good people. 

Here’s the link to apply

 (I don’t earn a commission, in case you’re wondering).

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