Basic 10 Genuine ways of bringing in cash from home — you can begin today

Basic 10 Genuine ways of bringing in cash from home — you can begin today

Recurring, automated revenue gives you an opportunity and a way of life that truly moves us to resign early and carry on with a jumbo life.

You can definitely relax, It's the perfect opportunity to begin.

Luckily, it's conceivable and there are numerous incredible ways of bringing in cash from home regardless of whether you are a fledgling.

These posts will take you 5 to 10 minutes, yet I can truly guarantee you that you will learn something truly significant for you as well as your loved ones.

You are as yet perusing this post, it shows your energy and it will unquestionably work for you to construct a beneficial internet-based business.

I'm not boasting and I will sum up my 5 years of extraordinary figuring out how to assist you with beginning acquiring right away.

We should get familiar with the brilliant "ways of bringing in cash from home" that are trusted, tried, profoundly productive, and simple to begin with.

Try not to pass up anything, it will scarcely take 10 mins, I have significant things to examine here and afterward lament.

Ways of bringing in cash from home: There are 100s of ways of bringing in cash from home yet scarcely you will find anybody working for you. Notwithstanding, these 10 strategies are not difficult to begin and anybody works from anyplace in this world.

How about earning online from the very first day?

Yes, let’s learn the quick ways first to make money.

1. Online surveys for money (+ Best survey sites)

This is the easiest, most free, and most trusted way to make money. There are many trusted surveys that pay cash instantly for taking surveys.

Many companies require customers' opinions to build sustainable, user-friendly, and profitable products or services or for marketing purposes.

And your opinion helps them to succeed!

But you get paid to take surveys (opinion) and time. Isn’t it cool?

5 best survey sites:

There are many best and most trusted survey sites where you can really start earning from the very first day.

  1. InboxDollars- Join and earn a $5 bonus instantly.
  2. SurveyJunkie- Most popular among all others.
  3. Pinecone Research Surveys (US)
  4. Make Survey Money site
  5. Real Surveys That Pay

Yes, these are some popular and trusted sites where you can really start earning from the very first day.

InboxDollars is my preferred choice and it have enormous numbers of surveys where you can share your opinions to earn money.

2. Create A Blog To Earn Money

As an entrepreneur, if you start your journey as a blogger (Content or video), you are most likely to end up making way more than 87% of online performance marketers and freelancers.

When you create a blog, you learn many different kinds of skills that are helpful everywhere… even if you go for a 9 to 5 job.

Don’t hesitate! Nothing in this world comes for free. Even if you are jobless and wasting time on less productive work, you are losing out on a bright future.

You can create a blog for as low as $40 and start earning in different ways. Follow the post shared above to learn exclusively about blogging.

3. Affiliate marketing

What if you start earning $5000 from the first month? Well, you will certainly like to praise me for motivating you.

But, it’s not just that!!

Trust me, it is possible to earn $5000 to $50000 and even more every month online as an affiliate marketer.

Lately, I have published this post on medium (

Mani Pathak

), which can really help you to build a step-by-step affiliate marketing business.

I earned $1479 just by investing $100 for paid ads to promote affiliate products and it could be possible for you too.

The greatest fear of an entrepreneur is wasting money and time to try a new business, but where is not risk in this world?

Even I am writing this post putting all of my skills, experience, time, and hard work to make you learn great things. If you share this, I will reach more people and benefit them.

Or it may waste my time.

Yes, I am writing to help people like you. That’s certainly a courageous thing. Don’t you think so?

Let’s learn about the fourth way to make money from home.

Affiliate marketing can be started for free and no skills are required. Just follow the post shared above.

» Create A Blog Today!

4. Freelance work

I started freelancing back in mid-2017 and built an ever-green, trusted, and recurring client base. You can find my freelance work earning secrets and proof here on my website.

Basically, you work from the comfort of your home for clients across the globe and earn money. There is no full-time commitment or fixed working hours.

Easily find freelance work form to websites like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork, and others and do the work from home.

A freelancer can find various kinds of projects like data entry work, digital marketing work, SEO services, virtual assistants, graphics designing, content creation, customer support, and much more.

Join a freelance website and follow the strategies shared in the above post to start earning $100 to $500 every day as a freelancer.

5. YouTube Earnings

Do you know “How much youtube pays for 1 million views” and what makes you a successful YouTube creator?

Many you-tubers earn $2000 to $7000 every 1 million views and there is no limit that what you can earn as a YouTube creator.

With that being said! It’s a highly attractive and profitable way to make money from YouTube.

If you create videos on daily basis and address user queries in the form of videos to help them, you will earn of making millions as a YouTube creator.

Hootsuite's shared the 7 Effective Strategies which can help you to make money on YouTube as a beginner.

6. Influencer Marketing

This looks like a very tough job, however, it is among the top 10 easiest ways to make money from home.

Why would not try a business that requires no money yet is highly profitable?

Yes, you can start it for free.

As an influencer, you promote products or services to your audience to generate leads, sales, or traffic for your clients.

But, Where to find the audience?

You can build an audience by providing value to online users. Fortunately, you can create a Pinterest profile, Instagram account, Facebook page, or YouTube channel and grow it organically.

Once you have a decent number of followers or subscribers, you can promote affiliate products or brand ads sometimes to make money as an influencer.

Top influencers on internet take somewhere between $1000 to $10000000 for just one post on their social media profiles.

That’s really crazy!

Fortunately, you can also earn like them and there is no rocket science.

7. Paid Consulting

You can help businesses to grow digitally and for your performance marketing skills, they will pay a decent amount.

Google itself offers $500 free Google ads credit to let the business promote its business /services with the help of PPC ads (SEM).

That can give an additional boost to your business.

Where to start?

Fortunately, you can easily find all kinds of business on Google maps, Linkedin, directory sites, or freelancer websites and pitch you SEO, SEM, and PPC ads services to work for.

Obviously, they will pay a decent amount as you are helping them to grow their business and ultimately more revenue.

I know, this is extraordinary and you learned many profitable and free ways to make money from home.

But, I am not yet done here!

8. Dropshipping

You must have bought several products from different websites. Do you know that many of them are being sold at a 30 to 150%+ profit?

I am sure, you don’t know.

Let me reveal the secret. Most of the products sold these days on Amazon, wall-mart, Shopify eCommerce websites, or other shopping sites are drop-shipping products.

The bottom line is people source products from countries like China, and Taiwan at other low-cost manufacturing hubs and sell at a very high price.

As you can see from the above infographics, anyone can become a drop shipper and make decent money.


  1. No inventory is required.
  2. Low working capital is needed.
  3. High profitability.
  4. You can build and sell from your one site also.

AliExpress is a highly trusted and affordable source for drop-shipping products. You can import from here and sell.

9. Trading

This may look spammy but trust me millions of users across the globe make money by investing and trading.

Warren Buffet one said, a novice trader can make more money than an experienced fund manager, provided he controls his emotions and invest for the long.

Investing can be started with as low as $500 and it can really make you earn $100 to $1000 every day.

That’s that potential.

Note: Trading is a high-risk and high-profit long-term business. Please take advice from any financial adviser before investing.

Even if you select any one of the above “ways to make money from home” and for becoming financially free. I recommend investing $50 in SIPS or stocks every month for 20 to 25 years.

You will earn $100,000+ after 25 years even when you are not investing a significant amount of money.

10. Translation job (transcribing)

Earn money with Transcription Jobs from home. More than 1 million people are earning as a translator online.

You easily earn between $200 to $2000 as a transcriptionist. There are many online websites where you can really contribute your time to transcribe and earn a decent monthly side income.

I found that the REV website offers fair pricing and regular work. However, you may have to go through a long screening process.

This usually takes 20 to 30 minutes and your approval comes within 48 hrs if you qualify.

Learn more about the REV website!

The takeaway for you:

Money doesn’t grow on trees! Hmm. But you can certainly earn and become finically free.

Who cares how you spent your days, weeks, or months it is the right time to take action and create a profitable side hustle.

It took me 5 years to master all of it and I have summarised my 10 ways to make money from home and all of them are genuine and profitable.

For exclusive 1 to 1 session or support, you can visit our website “Manipathak.com”.

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